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Best Geocaches in Middle Tennessee

This list was originally compiled in the early/mid 200x decade by robertlipe with contributions from others. As Robert became less active in Middle TN as a geocacher ("it's not you, Middle TN, it's me.") this list began to decay. For this reason the newer ones (as in after 2004 or so) are less organized

It remains maintained via contributions from those caching in the area, but it really is on the public to send in updates. Please post any updates in the MTGC Facebook group. This list looks like it's generated by a computer and/or formatted by a computer, but it's done by hand (sigh) and really does rely on your input. If you've had a super awesome time, please recommend it to others.

Best View : These are caches you must not just sign and dash off. Enjoy the view!
GC643Battle of Franklin
GC309FShy's Hill
GC80F5Nashville Skyline
GCE53ACumberland Cliff Hanger
GCGJAYRebirth of a Bridge
GCJD6DHidden Lake

Historic : Nashville's history.
GC643Battle of Franklin
GCD683Tranquility In the City
GCD6CBStone Walls
GCD7FFOldest and Smallest Side By Side
GCE2D4The Nashville ARCH
GCHQY6David and Goliath "Redone"
GCHX2YOasis of Calm and Beauty
GCJZWH"Printer Alley"

Innovative : Innovations and oddities
GCHK9BThe Legend of MonkeyBrad

Just Plain Fun : Caches sure to bring a smile to your face.
GC6FA6The Homeless Bathtub
GC73NDKHappy Easter!

Micro : Microcaches that show you something you haven't seen before. It might be hiding technique or location.
GCD683Tranquility In the City
GCE2D4The Nashville ARCH
GCGJAYRebirth of a Bridge
GCJD0XCool Springs
GCJEA5River Rat

Micro, Evil : Microcaches that show you something you may pray to never see again!
GCH1C7Pack a lunch
GCHC3KGeo MoJo Five

Multi : Multi-stage caches. Some short, some long; all fun.
GC7280Paradise By the Springs
GCE90BNever in a Million Years
GCH2MH37219 Where Am I
GCTXNCWe Shield Millions

Mystery : You won't know what it is until you find it - and maybe not even then!
GC4957tool cache
GCHK9BThe Legend of MonkeyBrad
GCHRTBA Riddle Wrapped in a Mystery Inside an Enigma
GCTGF0Geo MoJo 6 in the Shadow of the TITANS
GCTMEAHoudini's Water Torture

Offset : Our best offset caches.

Theme : Best Theme caches.
GCE53FKey Keepers
GCKP0NThe Working Man

Traditional : Our best full-size caches.

Virtual : Highlighted virtuals.
GC43B7April 13 1961
GC80F7The Doorway
GCCE7FGanier Ridge Virtual Cache
GCJE17Johnny's Cash
Later Updates - last updated 2018-08-07
April 13, 1961
Basket Case
Tour Of Historic Fort Negley
Modern Colosseum Forgotten
The Night Stalker: The Horseman
The Key to the Cryptonomicon
Color Blind
The Wells Creek Basin Metorite Strike Earthcache
Protector Of The Great War (2)
spelling bee
Tide in the Ville
Reshaping The Earth, Tonka Style

Best View Historic Innovative Just Plain Fun Micro Micro, Evil Multi Mystery Offset Theme Traditional Virtual Updates

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