This is Robert Lipe's collection of GPS-related technology pages.

Robert Lipe's Magellan FAQ
I started to write a FAQ to cover the "Modern Mapping Magellans" like the 330, SporTraks, and Meridians. I've concluded that there's too much overlap with the Meridian FAQ from the Yahoo Group and will be merging this information into that doc soon.

Magellan Yahoo Group Magellan Meridian FAQ
This is the FAQ from the Yahoo group; extracted into a web-searchable format, but otherwise unchanged. I used StarOffice to make the table of contents into linky-links and convert it HTML. It is mirrored here with permission.

Review of Magellan DirectRoute
This is my running review of the Magellan Mapsend DirectRoute 1 software.

Skramblr's Review of Magellan Mapsned DirectRoute Version 3
Skramblr looks at DR3.

GPS Carrying Cases
I've written up some notes on my quest for the ultimate GPS case. While it's based on my experience with Magellans, it's applicable to all units.

Explorist FAQ.
I started and host a FAQ for the Magellan Explorist models.

Garmin vs. Magellan showdown
Comparison of Garmin 60CS, 60CSX, and Magellan Explorist 600"

There's a new site of GPS Frequently Asked Questions. There are currently entries for: GPSMap 60Cx GPSMap 60CSx GPSMap 76Cx GPSMap 76CSx eTrex Legend Cx eTrex Vista Cx. Explorist 210. Explorist 400. Explorist 500. Explorist 600. Explorist XL. Triton 200. Triton 300. Triton 400. Triton 500. Triton 1500. Triton 2000.